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Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops offer an incredible amount of flexibility – these countertops can be anything you want. Formica countertops – a common brand of laminate – offer the look of popular countertop stones, such as marble, granite, or quartz. Other laminate products can imitate water, wood, and concrete. When you combine the look of laminate with customized countertops, the possibilities of “home” are endless.

Want a gorgeous white wood cabinet with marble countertops but can’t afford marble? Laminate countertops are your answer – giving you all the class for a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for a themed countertop, laminate is your best friend.

Is your remodeling project running overbudget, but you can’t think of giving up your stone look countertops? Consider this cost-effective alternative. No one will have to know that it wasn’t your first choice. It’ll look great…so why not make it your first choice?

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Why Laminate Countertops?

Laminate is a cost-effective substance. When you buy these countertops, you still get the look you wanted – plus more budget for other parts of your project. If you wanted a durable material or one that requires a lot of upkeep (such as wood), these counters offer the look for a fraction of that upkeep.

These counters are easy to clean. Most stains come off with a little warm water and minimal elbow grease. If you have kids or teens that make messes, these countertops will stand up to their tests.

The secret to why they have been so popular lies in their ability to imitate other materials. But it doesn’t stop with marble and wood looks. Pictures can be added, or it can be made to look like granite, slatestone, sandstone, or anything else you can imagine. The sky is literally your limit.

What To Consider

Despite the lack in upkeep, you’d be surprised at their durability. Often, these are coated with a special glaze to protect them. The look you want is protected by a layer of clear glaze, with plenty of wood underneath the imitation. Due to this unique combination of materials, it’s possible you can save some trees if the laminate is made with wood that would have been thrown out otherwise.

This same composition means that laminate is not the most durable material. Unless it is treated for heat-proofing, you shouldn’t set a hot pan on the countertops. This could melt your imitation marble, wood, etc. However, if you use a simple hot pad, this is easily avoidable.

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If your home is a rental or multi-family unit, you probably aren’t too worried about getting anything expensive in case of damages. If it works for your needs, choosing laminate or formica countertops may be the perfect choice. A word of caution: if you choose to get darker colors, they may require more upkeep than their lighter colored counterparts. Ask for details.

Overall, the pros and the cons of laminate countertops are yours to think about. If you need something easy to maintain to get you through a few years, these will be your best friends if you treat them right. They’ll look great and they’ll do everything you need them to.